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Welcome, Billy. Have you tried checking the volume control? The reason a I ask is because I have experienced a similar problem with an old Sears amp and it turned out to be a very dirty volume control.
Well, I was thinking about trying one in my Vox V847 wah pedal. I've been wanting to finish upgrading it to more of a classic sound. It's still running the stock MPSA18 transistors and the original pot. The only upgrade I don't want to do is true bypass. Thanks.
They have numbers on them, too. Two of them say ".35H" , one of them says ".80H" and the fourth one says "1.8H". I haven't pulled them from the boards yet, so I've no idea about their resistance.
Hey, guys. The other day, I pulled some circuit boards from an old non working Kimball organ. There are four inductors and I'm curious as to whether they're useable in a wah pedal. They kinda resemble what I've seen in pictures of some vintage pedals. Thanks.
As you can see in the pic above, it's not the prettiest MkI clone, but it works and is sounding incredible. It doesn't seem to like my modified TEISCO guitar, but none of my other fuzzes like that one, either.  It sounds great with my Epi Les Paul and gets really nasty with my Kay Effector guitar. I'll post more pics when it's actually finished.
It's available at some of the local auto supply stores where I live. I think I know what you're talking about and I've used it a few times, but that's been a while back so I don't remember what I used it on.
Thanks. :tu:
Believe it or not, that paint is Rust-Oleum Hammered Silver spray paint that you can buy at Wal-Mart. I love that stuff! <3) I also refinished two of my vintage fans with it. It's difficult to get a consistent texture in the finish and you really have to follow the instructions on the can. Plus, make sure you use it a well lit place so you can check your work.
Cool! Thanks, Juan. I'll have to get some of that stuff. I don't actually have the speakers in a cab. They're still mounted to what was left of the front of the amp that they were in, which I wanted to build onto and make a new cab. Thanks again.
Here's the pedal. I cut and folded this enclosure from 1/16 inch sheet aluminum. I'll try to get a gutshot later. I think there's still room for improvement (and a bypass switch) .
Here's what they look like. You may notice that one of them has a piece of paper under it's magnet. That seemed to reduce the rattling a bit.
Hopefully this will work.
My transistors finally arrived today and I think the pedal is really sounding great now. It was a matched set of AC125 transistors from LIC pedals. Once I installed them, I realized that I needed to increase the bias resistor on Q2. I settled on a 1/2 watt carbon comp 330k that measured out to 395k. I switched all of the resistors over to vintage carbon comps. They had drifted, so I measured each one I pulled from the board's and used the ones that read closest to their specified values. There's still a bit of work to be done, as I plan to change out the caps and install a bypass switch. I also want to get some better pots for it.
They're stored in my phone and I tried one of those sites, but my phone would still say either "low memory", or "cannot open file".
Oh, trust me. I know they would help ALOT. There's just no way to get them on here.
After reading the old thread I had posted last year about this amp, I tried one of the suggestions about putting a cap on the volume pot. With a 1000 pf ceramic, it's much brighter with a nice, honky midrange. I'm really digging the new sound it's getting. I can plug a fuzz into it and it actually sounds like a fuzz. Oh, and yes. I have replaced the speaker several times. Right now, I have a 12 inch speaker from an old organ in it. I've tried several different speakers and this one sounded best. It handles a bass pretty well, too. Thanks.