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Author Topic: pre-amp suggestions  (Read 3256 times)


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pre-amp suggestions
« on: June 28, 2009, 12:55:55 PM »
This is one thing that I may be able to give some suggestions on. If you need 9+9- go to http://www.geofex.com/ the circuit sweeping section and look for 9+9- from an 9 volt supply. Go to http://runoffgroove.com/doubled.html and use the jiggle side for an clean to overdriven fenderish type sound. Then theres my favorite  http://www.muzique.com/schem/projects.htm  the mosboost can be built from radio shack parts and gives an excellent fat clean boost [ you can use bs170, irf511, 2n7000]  Heres one chain to try it involves an boss comp. cs-3 with wampcats mods www.wamplerpedals.com   guitar/cs-3/mosboost/chip amp. I am probably going with the mosboost[one knob booster] [and the rog double d , just the jiggle side.and put the mos on an dpdt to switch it in and out in front of the jiggle. I am seriously pondering on the classic fuzz face circuit, I built one from the schem. at geofex with no variance from the schematic was very pleased with sound. Go to geofex at the top of the page "The tech of series".  Theres just to many good workable circuits  to bang my head and try to reinvent the wheel. All the above work well. I have use them in front of several amps. The hardest thing you have to do is deciding what kind of tone you want. I prefer the one or to knob types and try to keep the face of the amp from getting to cluttered with knobs.