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Loudspeaker parameters and loudness

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Wow JM thats an excellent tip using your "Greenbox" to compare spkrs.
Especially using the V30 as a reference point really shows how those little dips and peaks will affect the sound.
I am curious you mentioned the Italian made Jensens.
I own some Electric Lightnings and love em.
Have you any experience with the Sica brand spkrs made in same factory?
The specs on them are impressive 100.3 spl 100watt rms
But the "Greenbox " on them is very erratic but seems close to the V30.
They are very inexpensive compared to thier siblings from the same factory.
Also do you know of any suppliers of the Sica line?
I can only find one in USA but no longer stocking the Sica guitar spkrs only PA and bass ones.

J M Fahey:
Hi Brymus.
Sica s and indeed Most Italian speakers, are among the best in the world, period.
Particularly the RCF ones are second to none .
In fact, people trying to build modern reproductions of JBL cabinets, including Dual Showman ones, use Spanish Beymas and Italian RCF.
They were excellent copies of old JBLs and now that the "original" lowered its quality, the "second up winner" became the best, simply because the old champion gave up.
I guess that was the reason why Jensens are made at the Sica factory.
I also guess that they can't build two very similar products, either for contractual reasons or simply financial ones.
I'd say: just get the Jensens.

Rob S:

Old thread I know, but I thought this would be of interest:

J M Fahey:
Very interesting and very sobering.
Thanks por posting.


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