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Good Day All!

Attached is a schematic of the amplifier I made I call the "Bug Eyed Monster" because the grills from the Roadmaster 5x7 speakers I bought at Wal-Mart give it that appearance!

About 8 to 10 watts RMS capable per speaker in this configuration.   Again, for most parts, I build the cabinets for these from scrap lumber and use hardware store handles and rubber furniture feet for the amplifer feet.  When I get my digital camera operational, I'll post some pictures of these amplifers I am providing schematics for - They are in use!

Again, the input is from "The Ruby" by, and the P.A. portions are from the datasheets for the chips, with my own "tweeks" added.  "Astro-Peke Music" is the "pen name" I use if I am building an amplifier for someone else, but I folded it as a small business - not enough time with my full time job to give a side business proper care!

To repeat from my first post -  I like high impedance inputs, and to keep hum and such down, you need to make certain and use a switched input jack that shorts the input to ground when there is no plug inserted.  (personal preference, in all my designs the input impedance is determined by the input resistor pair - feel free to modify as you see fit)

Front and back pics of the Bug Eyed Monster!

The "innards" of the Bug Eyed Monster.  Yep, 5x7 Roadmaster speakers from Waly World (20.00 for the pair), scavenged transformer and computer grade filter capacitors.  In the second pic a closeup of the "buisiness end" of the boards - note the HOT GLUE board mounting.  (Glue Guns - not just for crafties anymore).  The heat sinks on the TDA2003 chips are anodized aluminum.

Why such giant caps on the power supply?  (The ones as tall as the transformer lol)

Simple reason for the BIG caps - I got them FREE, and had the space in the case. 


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