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July 17, 2024, 04:46:15 PM

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Peavey Ecoustic 112 Noisy Reverb

Started by smackoj, May 14, 2024, 05:58:57 PM

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Hi friends; It's been a very long time away. A lot of things got put on hold including amp repairs. I have been working on a Peavey Ecoustic 112 amp lately. Everything is running smooth and quiet except the reverb which is important for the new owner. I have reverb when I turn the pot up but I also get like a 60hz hum. I tried re-soldering, cleaning the pot, switched out the tank with 2 diff ones but nothing quiets it down? Does anyone have a suggestion? Looking through the Peavey Forum I found evidence that Peavey amps are known for noisy reverbs. Someone on there suggested using an isolation transformer which I have not tried.


The reverb level is at the output of the first amplifier after the reverb output.
Pull out the reverb tank inputs and see if the hum exists.
If no, the drive to the tank is the culprit.
If yes, pull out the output from reverb tank and see if the hum exists.
If yes, the first amp after the tank output need to be checked.
If no, see if there are any other transformer nearby.
The tank will make hum if kept nearer to other transformers.