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June 12, 2024, 03:53:12 PM

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Honey Amp - The tone stack

Started by joecool85, November 23, 2022, 12:20:35 PM

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The Honey Amp's tone stack is a modified BMP tone stack that was carefully adjusted to match the frequency sweep as closely as possible to the original Vox AC30 Top Boost circuit.  This gives a pronounced mid frequency dip throughout the sweep, while still being able to raise bass and lower treble, or lower bass and raise treble.  With the knob in the center position on the Honey Amp it is similar to a Vox with the Treble cranked and the Bass at roughly 7/10.  With the knob all the way counter clockwise, it is similar to the Vox at noon on both knobs (most folks don't turn down past this anyway from what I understand).  Lastly, with the tone on the Honey Amp turned fully clockwise, it resembles a Vox pretty much cranked on both knobs, and also with a treble booster in front.

Using the excellent "TSC in the web" calculator, you can see this live:

Honey Amp BMP: https://www.guitarscience.net/tsc/bigmuff.htm#RIN=5k&R1=430k&R2=430k&RM=151k&RL=250k&C1=330p&C2=8200p&RM_pot=Linear

Vox: https://www.guitarscience.net/tsc/vox.htm#RIN=717&R1=100k&R2=10k&RT=1M&RB=1M&RL=600k&C1=47p&C2=22n&C3=22n&RB_pot=LogA&RT_pot=LogA

This circuit is meant to be customized, changed, tweaked, and modified which is why I am sharing this information here.  If you find values that suit your taste better, please share, we're always interested in new changes!

As for me, I think I may "soften" the treble side of things for the next version of the circuit.
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