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February 21, 2024, 12:19:36 AM

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NAMM roundup - Blackstar, Fender, Line 6, and Yamaha new amps

Started by joecool85, June 21, 2022, 09:12:32 PM

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Late to the party, but still here - we've found four new amps that were released during NAMM 2022.

Blackstar - Jared James Nichols mini amp (customized Fly 3): https://www.musicradar.com/news/blackstar-jared-james-nichols-mini-amp

Fender - Frontman 20G (Basically like the old Frontman 25R but without reverb and using an 8" speaker instead of 10"): https://www.musicradar.com/news/fender-frontman-20g-guitar-combo-amp

Line 6 - Catalyst series (New and upgraded versions): https://www.musicradar.com/news/line-6-catalyst-amps

Yamaha - THR30II (10th anniversary models in special colors): https://www.gearnews.com/namm-2022-yamaha-thr30ii-10th-anniversary-models/
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