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December 08, 2023, 11:18:46 PM

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Pignose amp?

Started by czgunner, November 02, 2020, 06:34:35 PM

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Anybody have anything for this? It's the little one, 7-100 I think?
Anyway my input jack drops out when I wiggle the cable. I tried calling Pignose and they have not called me back. The jack doesn't look normal to me.
I emailed a few places and they don't recognize it to replace it.


Without a schematic I'm not entirely sure what they have going on there.  But one thing I can tell you, a little bit of contact cleaner (I use Deoxit) will most likely fix your issue.  Put the contact cleaner onto a 1/4" plug, work it in and out a few times and try again.
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If the socket is broken inside you will most likely have to replace it. I believe Fender used a similar part on many of their amps. The Champion 110 model I have uses one. If you contact Fender there is probably a part number for it. Failing that you could probably replace it with a standard stereo jack socket.