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Roland JC-120 with weak reverb

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Greetings! Registered to the forum as it looked like the right place to get some pointers about this excellent amp that I recently got my hands on.

It's a Roland JC-120 which I believe to be a gen 4 (main ins, chorus trim on the back). Pretty busted up but got a good deal on in. The reverb-pot was totaly broken so had to change that. It's got the QC Elec. "Folded Line" reverb tank (the one manufactured by beautiful girls :)) that's confirmed working (impedance tests ok, also able to drive it from other sources).

The problem is that the reverb is well....really weak. If I turn the reverb knob to max and play some guitar into it I can hear the reverb but REALLY quietly. It's there but just barely. If I however bang the amp or the tank I get some big loud spring wobblyness. I've gathered from this that the return part seems to be just fine and that the issue seems to be with whats driving the reverb. I've checked the leads but I'm beginning to suspect that it's an IC that's busted. But I really don't know how to check for that other than starting to blindly replace ICs in the reverb section, which I'm not that keen on. 

I've worked on tube amps before but I'm really a novice when it comes to SS. Would really appreciate any input or pointers about this issue as I LOVE the amp!

What is the serial number on the amp? I ask only that we can first help identify the correct schematic to use.

Serial is 901576
220V model

I've been using this one for troubleshooting:

Not positive it's the right one but it mostly seems to check out

Jazz P Bass:
A TA-7200 P 10 watt power amplifier is used to drive the reverb pan.
It appears to be a 1.1 Vac output signal on the schematic.
Measure it and see what you have.

Thanks for the suggestion!
I checked before but re-checked it now. Can't pick up any DC or AC at R96 with the tank connected. 

With the tank disconnected I get about 10Vdc that immediately starts dropping.
It reaches 3V after about 10sec of measuring and then starts jumping around between 0 and 3V.

What do you think? Faulty cap somewhere?


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