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in search of GBX GD1 preamp and 4123GS guitar amp schematics

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These components ended up in my hands. Looking to install into a gutted Fender XFL 1000 cab and repower. There is a slight hum that I would like to resolve. May be power supply caps in the preamp, but need information to troubleshoot. Any help finding information on these would be appreciated.

Here they are:

Thank you very much. I will let everyone know how this works out

I just got myself back into this project. Closer look at the schematics reveal that the GD2 version is not identified in the title block for the guitar driver. Before I get to far I am asking for any information on this. Is there another schematic or is this a omission?


You had asked for GD1.
Is it GD1 or GD2 that you have?


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