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Feeling a bit overwhelmed


Good morning! Same as everyone else I'm stuck indoors (though with Florida weather I've been able to do a lot of walking, thankfully). I had a plan to use this time in a useful way by building myself a nice simple clean amp.

However, I think I might have bit off more than I can chew.

I learn by doing - does anyone know of some good beginner projects and/or projects with a lot of instructions/pictures that I can follow to dip my toes in the water?

If I have to start with a pedal that's fine too, a few of my friends make pedals and there's more then one of them is dumb as a post, yet still lives.


Hi Brian,

Start with a Ruby amp, it's really simple based upon the LM386 IC. It's only 1/2 to 1W but will power a 4x12" loud enough to annoy the neighbours.

A good source of information is Beavis Audio - lots of basic info and breadboard layouts.


Awesome, thanks! Found a PDF for a Ruby as you suggested on the Beavis Audio site, will give it a whirl.



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