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Barcus Berry 1720 Power Transistors

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I’m working on a 1977 Barcus-Berry 1720 / 2X10 Combo Guitar Amp - seems to be specific to acoustic instruments.
I tend to focus on Tube amps but have successfully restored SS amps in the past. This one has me stymied.
The output transistors are blown - I checked them with my Peak Atlas DCA55. One shows "no component attached" - the other one a short between the case and one of the pins.
I have the schematics but in true Bob Crooks’ design (of Standel secret circuit fame) the output transistors are labeled with a Barcus Berry Part number - both on the schematic and the physical transistor case. No other physical marking other than 630 032 and 630 033.
I've searched a lot online and come up with zero results.
Sent emails to BBE and there response: All the Barcus Berry schematics were given to MBT international which is the owner of that company. We do not have any of the wiring diagrams or parts, All the best."
MBT or KMC Music which were the last companies connected to these amps have not responded.
Does anyone on the forum have any insight? or Is it possible to reverse engineer what transistor these are based on the schematic? I've attached a link to the schematic.
Thanks ahead of time for any info.

no link to schematic


Try this

Over on the antiques radio site this is what mikemco said and he's been very helpful in the past

If they're TO-3 devices I'd use a 2N3055 and Mot MJ2955 devices. That's a pretty old design.
Here's the link I posted in asking about them.


Thanks man - above and beyond! I'll give them a try and let you know what happens.


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