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Hello everyone.  I have an old Heathkit TA16 giutar amp my dad built for me when I was a kid.  I wanted to bring it back out and start playing again, but when I plugged it in, nothing.  I am no electrical wizard, but I can learn with help.  I have worked on it before and had it working, but there is no sound now.  Where do I start?  Any help would be great!  Thanks in advance.

Jazz P Bass:
Can you help out a bit and define 'nothing'?

No lamp light, no sound?

It would be a nice gesture to include the schematic when asking for assistance.
 That said, the schematic itself is only a road map.
What is typically not provided is the board layout.

So you will have to muddle through and possibly trace out and draw sections that are in question.
The first place to start is the power supply.
Are all supplies up & running?

Thanks for getting back to me!  I have a power light, bur no sound.
Here is the site I got the schematic from.

Hope this helps.

Jazz P Bass:
Ok. The lamp is lit.
That means you have voltage on the secondary of the power transformer.
Your next step is to verify the dc supplies.
there are 5 of them.
I would start at the +38Vdc rail.

A word of caution.
Being that this is a direct coupled power amplifier, I would advise removing the speaker load until you get things sorted out.

I'm not sure where the +38Vdc rail is, and how do I remove the speaker load?  I'm not an electrician, but I want to learn more about these things.


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