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December 02, 2022, 11:37:11 AM

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Fender Chorus Distortion Problem

Started by seagull11s, November 01, 2018, 10:06:09 PM

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Hi, I'm looking for help with a Fender Ultimate Chorus. It sounds distorted on the clean channel. I replaced the largest caps and still have the distortion. Please help.

Cpt. FixIt

A bit more information would be helpful, most of us don't have a working crystal ball...
Which model FUC is it? The FUC DSP?
What does the distortion sound like? Farting out?
Does the dirt channel sound ok? (As it used to)
What about the signal from the FX send? Also distorted?
Did you try feeding signal directly into the FX return to see if the PA section works without distortion?
And why did you change the ps filtering caps? Did you have hum problems recently?


Hi there!
I'm keen to help you but ...... It seems that the information you offer is a little bit limited.
First, you can try using a 3.5mm TS to 6.35mm TS audio cable to feed line-level sine wave into FX return jack. If the sound is distorted, the problem is in the power amplification section.
If it's not distorted, then the power section is OK. Check if the lead channel works as common to probe out whether the problem is only on the clean channel or not.
If the lead channel is also broken, then the problem might be at the input stage(probably the feedback resistors are not well soldered )Otherwise, it is out of my range of ability and I must apologize that I'm unable to help you further.