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Feel like I'm ready to try a tube build from a kit. Any recommendations for a first timer (including "don't do it" or "don't ask here"). I am  thinking something simple on 240 v 50hz mains power.

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If you are confident about wiring up mains wiring then go for it. :tu:
I'd try something simple for a first build.

Maybe stick with a cathode biased circuit for first build as there is less that can go wrong. And generally they move from clean to OD in a more graceful manner than fixed bias circuits.

My first build was a Pro Junior, except the output was changed from Fixed bias to cathode bias.
It was built from old radio parts, the only new part was the output transformer and a few passives. Still got that amp and still works.
It's a nightmare of spaghetti wiring inside but hey it has never broken down. 8)

I see that your post is almost a month old but I just read it. If you are still looking here are a few places where you can purchase a kit and know that the company has a top notch reputation. Make sure you contact them and ask about getting a power transformer that is designed for your part of the world (like 240v at 50Hz)

Thanks. I will check out those. Building 1x12 cab first anyway. Various tube, ss and hybrid heads are available for a lot less that tube kits but wouldn't mind a trying a few heads with the cab.

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What's about Tube-Town in Germany?


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