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Author Topic: diy clean heaphone amp for passive mixer questions  (Read 285 times)


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diy clean heaphone amp for passive mixer questions
« on: February 17, 2017, 07:59:33 AM »

Hi everyone
So this is my first post at this forum. I'm hoping to get an answer to my question here since i'm kind of stuck on it:p

So i'm kind of trying to get my guitar set up to be mobile(sort of), battery powered and DIY. first let me explain what i have so far. i want to be able to play with a guitar and a stompbox. to do that i allready made a passive mixer(gold for extra tone :-[).
the output of the mixer goes into my ta2024 based batterypowered speaker. the ta2024 is modded for a heaphone powered signal
So now the problem of course is that the volume coming out of the speaker is simply to low. i want to be able to just play loud as the speaker is capable of that. so my idea is to make a clean guitar preamp, and build in into the mixer, after the mixing part(thus turning it into an active mixer). that way, i will hopefully have my stompbox and guitar nicely crankedup to accaptable volumes. Does anyone know any good clean, simple, and compact designs for this application? or any other thoughts about this project? i would love to hear it:p

ps. sorry for the images, couldn't get them to fit nicely....
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J M Fahey

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Re: diy clean heaphone amp for passive mixer questions
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2017, 10:37:25 AM »

Not sure about what you mean by "stompbox"  :o

All over the Civilized World it usually means an Effects Pedal (Distortion/Chorus/whatever) but in wild Australia  :lmao: it often means some kind of percussion unit, a (literally) "box which you stomp/kick" with your feet, with usually a Piezo microphone glued to it, although the even wilder version uses a standard small speaker (say, 2" to 6") as a pickup, coupled to a reverse wired power transformer (say 9/12V to 220V) .... so which one are you referring to?  :cheesy:
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