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Author Topic: Velleman Kit 4001  (Read 2325 times)


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Re: Velleman Kit 4001
« Reply #15 on: February 11, 2018, 02:45:41 PM »

You can't reduce gain very much, I guess minimum is around 20X , because it becomes unstable.
So reduce R2/R1 ratio to about 20:1 but not less, any ectra reduction myst be input padding."Which is not all bad, you can add a passive tone conrol which will be lossy anyway.
OK here is plan B. I've been playing around with the Lm386 opamp and decided it might suit my little enclosure better than the TDA2003. I thought id use 2 of the TDA2003 modules with each one driving a 4" car  speaker in some sort of cabinet. Maybe shaped like the Roland Street Cube

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Heres the beginnings of my stereo 2 x tda2003 project. Sounds a bit better than my previous enclosure with the 5w 4" 8ohm speaker. These very cheap 4" car speakers are rated at 4 ohms and 80W rms. Seems optimistic but they should be able for 4W rms. Still need a preamp for guitar use - any suggestions?
I also want to see if it works as a Smartphone amp. Planning some wine-themed styling on the wine box enclosure.

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BTW  i put a Kemo 12w module into the original enclosure. I found it breaks up nicely with a mic'd harmonica (as did the TDA2003 in fact).  Goin to add a back to the enclosure to reduce feedback. Just learning how important enclosure design is by trial and erroer.

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