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Ibanez TSA30 Mains transformer

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A friend has Ibanez TSA30, he was playing loud for a long time then it died..

He measured the primary side and seems as the internal thermal fuse has blown, so he asked me if i knew what the mains transformer for his Ibanez TSA30 was.
i tried google and only found this schematic that lack exactly what i am looking for.
so does anyone have a full schematic, have TSA30 you can open to take some measurements, or by some other reason know what the transformers secondary voltages are, the would bring a lot of joy.

last night after posting i got a great idea and i wrote ibanez they replyed first thing in the morning with a schematic

so sometimes its so easy to get an answer, just direct your question to the right place xP

J M Fahey:
Cool, now post it here  8)  for technical suggestions.

i was convinced that i did, but something didn't go well

by the way i guess that the voltages are noted after rectification
400*1,4=560Vdc wouldn't it be to high for only 30W?

and the bias is only half-wave rectified


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