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January 28, 2023, 08:44:50 PM

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Traynor YCV 40 Tube Amp Problems

Started by jammy5152, September 02, 2014, 09:41:41 PM

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My Traynor YCV 40 Amp is having problems with the volume
On low volume of 2 to 4 it sounds fuzzy and distorted
As I turn up the volume, it gets worse with this problem
After reading about these amps, it seems to be a problem with the standby button
If anyone has experienced this, please let me know
Possible tube replacement is in order after turning it on and letting it sit and then looking at it in the dark for tube glow
The tubes were cold  a minute or less after shutdown and if I am not mistaken, one tube not even working


  The standby switch problem stops the amp from working at all, so that is not your problem.
  If you have a tube that is not lit up, replace it.


Thanks G1 for feedback
After reading about these amps, there was a problem with the standby
switch causing these kinda problems
A friend and I put his Traynor tubes in my amp and it came to life
Sounds good.... Probably stay with the SOVTEK tubes in the power side
And run electro harmonix in the pre-amp side
Thanks again