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Author Topic: no other forums to be posting this  (Read 1485 times)


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no other forums to be posting this
« on: June 05, 2014, 06:08:13 AM »
i think its wrong to post this topic here,.since this the only site i trusted,.ill grab the oppurtunity to ask here,.

can anyone help me how to make computer speakers? just a simple desktop speakers i want,.

i got couple of LM386 here from roly,can i used this to make a stereo computer speakers? any suggestions and ideas?

J M Fahey

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Re: no other forums to be posting this
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2014, 02:19:15 PM »
LM386 is a very weak amp, specially if powered fromth +5V rail an USB connector provides (some 300mW, what a pocket radio provides) .
You CAN of course but they will be as bad as any $5 cheap PC speaker you can find anywhere.
Not worth cloning *those*  ;)
To make a KILLER PC speaker, make at least a TDA2003 based amp (some 5/6 W RMS per side ) driving a couple 6" full range speaker (the ones usually mounted in car doors) or better.
Light years ahead of any regular PC speaker.
It will need its own PSU, a 12V transformer, a 3A bridge and a 4700uF x 16V capacitor.

Or go the next step, 2 x TDA2030, powered from a 12+12V transformer and 2  4700uF caps , you will have 15 + 15W RMS for a room blasting system.
Also driving full range car type speakers. in this case a couple 6"x9" ones.