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Author Topic: My new hybrid- demo and schematic  (Read 11178 times)


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Re: My new hybrid- demo and schematic
« Reply #15 on: January 31, 2011, 10:48:42 AM »
Hi Steve,
             Your Valve section may need some fine tuning.
i.e. add some series resistance after each triode,, you've got some ugly blocking type distortion which is destroying the sound. (but if that spitting distortion is to your taste then go for it.)

You may wish to look at the redneF Pro Junior preamp setup for some good ideas.
Or even some early Deluxe tone circuits might interest you.

Other than that It's a *Very clever idea* and good on you for having a go.
Thanks for sharing your ideas. :tu:

If it interests you I have had good results by power soaking a small PP Amp and ReAmplifiying it via a simple voltage divider setup and then into a large 120Watt SS Amp. (You get to do post power tube EQ effects that way)
Cheers, Phil.
Phil can you post the schematic of that, it;s very interesting?

Mine won't qualify as *Clever* as this one here :'(
but yep like all these things mine can do tricks that some of the others can't do.
I'll run a new thred for you. :tu:
Cheers Phil.