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Author Topic: Peavey Supreme  (Read 2208 times)


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Peavey Supreme
« on: September 13, 2009, 10:29:14 AM »
Just wanted to get some other input too. I had a pretty good afternoon yesterday with my "new to me"
Peavey Supreme. I have a limited run with a couple tube amps, (Peavey Classic 30 & Peavey Classic 50/50),
So I am still novice for the most part and wise enough to get the picture where tube vs. solid state dialogue
gets silly ;) That said... I have a couple solid state amps that are in my book, Top shelf! The now Supreme...
and a Peavey XXL that has been one rock solid amp for me. These two are very similar, Yet each capable of
their own unique tonal qualities. Personally, I'd have an unbelievably hard time being convinced that either
one of these amps couldn't hold their own with any tube amp out there. .02

I realize these two specific pieces are somewhat older... But, That's actually what the draw is for me. I also
would proudly show up last night, tonight, all night and every night with either one, No tubes glowin' and put
the myth to rest. I don't know for sure, Maybe I just got super lucky with these two..?
I honestly feel like they are just plain and simple GREAT solid state amps :tu: