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Author Topic: TENEYCK GUITAR BASS & P.A. AMPLIFIERS  (Read 6107 times)

boone hawks

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« on: July 22, 2009, 03:30:19 AM »
Hi Lawrence Sepulveda here!
This is a little blast from the past...a short story about Teneyck amps.
So, I'm a kid of about 16 years old in 1970 living in Point Pleasant, N.J.
I'm playing drums in my first garage band and using tiny Silvertone amps
that you could almost hear? My father (Robert Sepulveda, owned a company
named Microwave Control Co. at Monmouth county airport off of Rt. 34).
He comes to me one day and says he knows a guy thats going out of business
who makes guitar amps, do you want to go get some? I said yes !
We barrow a van and go upto Neptune industrial park and pull up to the
Mid-Eastern bldg. We go in and take a look at the facility, half cleared out production floor
wood working machinery waiting to be sold. We're taken back to the shipping dock where
the remains and amps were. The guy said take what ever you want for $40.
I ended up with 4 massive P.A. columbs, 6 "Baron" bass amps, 4 satellite speakers & 1
guitar amp. Now, the reason why the company went out of business!!!!!
These were the worst amps ever made!!!
First, they were so heavy, you couldn't move them.
The "Barron" P.A. speakers were almost 6' tall, 3' wide,12"thick double wall
partical board with 2 15" speakers & 20lbs power amp & lights
Weight: 125lbs.....Holy S*it !!!
Most of them had massive power amps in the bottom.
The solid state circuitry used LDR's and were not designed right, they would crackle.
The speakers were terrible, the cheapest ones you could get, with slug magnets the size
of a dime. They also had 50watts of lights on the top & bottom for effect.
Total junk. I have never seen a line of amps before or after like these monsters.
When I got them home, I fooled around with them for a year, then got rid of them all.
This was in the day when the big stuff was being produced, like Peavey's giant mixing
boards. Peavey had good electronics, Teneyck didn't even come close?