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What have you guys built?

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I finished my TDA2003 amp yesterday (pics coming soon)

So here is my list

2x little gem (lm386 amp) 1/2w
1x TDA2003 5w
1x lm1875 2x20w
1x lm3886 1x50w

Eventually I may build a bridged parallel lm4780 which would yield 200w!!  But for right now 50w is plenty, that thing is loud!

Just a few stompboxes... Im willing to make an acoustic amp...

whats the deal with the TDA2003? Sound good?

Actually, it kinda sucked.  Not horribly loud and practically no clean headroom.  Sort of a bummer because I put a lot of time into that amp and it really didn't work so well for bass.  It sounds ok with guitar though, so long as you don't mind some low quality distortion lol.  Overall I wouldn't recommend it though.

Just tubed amps. SS is new to me. MB Mark2/3/4 stuff is what Im used too. I like 6L6 power I guess. But Im here to learn and change that. I definately like a few SS amp setups better than a lot of EL34 amps. EL34, while a great tube, is just not for me.


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