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The Newcomer's Forum / Re: Yamaha G100 112 - Transformer?
« on: July 14, 2018, 10:38:28 PM »
Hello Enzo
The biggest reason is curiosity, I have no idea what readings I should see.

Problem - the amp is not as loud as you'd expect a 100 watt amp.
having the volume up past 5 was not excessive loud. and having it on 10 was loud, but bearable.
The distortion channel is a lot less.

I have not posted more questions yet, because I found a bad transistor that I want to replace. I removed the part and tested it on one of those LCR-T4 Tester.

Im not sure if I should order that part, wait for it and see if that fixes the issue, or start checking parts on the MA board.

Ive been reading your posts Enzo - Thank you so much for being active here and helping people. Im enjoying reading your posts.

I am novice, and want to learn more. This amp is my Dad's he picked up off craigslist. I wanted to fix it for him. I also bought a Fender amp that has issues, that I will be asking about after this one.

The Newcomer's Forum / Yamaha G100 112 - Transformer?
« on: July 14, 2018, 09:38:42 PM »
Hello Y'all,
We picked up a Yamaha G100 112 first series.
Ive been trying to figure out what exactly should be coming out of the transformer.

When I measure across the 2 brown wires I get 29.3 VAC.
if I measure from the black wire to either of the brown I get 14.3 VAC
if I measure across the 2 red wires I get 73.1 VAC

Is that normal output?

Just curious, what is a good replacement for it?

This was my first post here. I have a lot more questions.

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