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The Newcomer's Forum / Re: Hello from the new guy
« on: March 18, 2018, 05:33:31 PM »
All I want is 50-75 watts, with no "British Voicing", tight but not absent bottom end, with not overly harsh high end.  Oh, and less than a hunnerd bucks as well (emphasis on "less").  I know, compromises abound, but "good enough" is what I've lived with most of my life.  Either way, I have a couple amps here that I can hijack their speakers for experimenting, so I'm not immediately lacking. When I have the budget for some "real" speakers, we'll talk...

The Newcomer's Forum / Re: Hello from the new guy
« on: March 18, 2018, 02:33:21 AM »
Undoubtedly, which means yet another expense, and I really don't know about speakers, so I'll have to be careful.  Seems like the cheapest "good" speakers are upwards of 60 bucks, so I gotta spend wisely.  Too bad most speaker descriptions are as full of marketing-speak as the rest of it.  I'll save speaker questions for another thread.

Thanks, see ya around...

The Newcomer's Forum / Hello from the new guy
« on: March 17, 2018, 10:30:24 PM »
Howdy folks, I'm here because I want to learn about building and modifying solid-state amps.  I have used many SS amps, but was never satisfied with any of them (probably because I never had the money for a decent one).  These days I still don't have the money, but I do have buckets of parts and a soldering iron (and I know how to use it!!).

I've built pedals for myself and friends, and lately I've built my first guitar.  I've been reading a LOT and I think I'm now ready to explore the world of high(er) power guitar foolery.  I have a LOT of questions (for other threads), so let the hijinks ensue...

I've read Teemuk's book (or at least, most parts of it; great resource, my hat is doffed), perused Elliot Sound Products, and bought a handful of chip amp modules just to make noise with until I can get something better built.
Anyways, onwards and upwards...

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