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Can you please tell me what "S/hand Graphic EQ" and "Bdrive" mean ?  Thanks

I took it to mean a used 'second-hand Graphic EQ', and 'Blues Driver'.

Wow, that Wampler Pinnacle II demo does sound real Eddie Van Halen-ish.

I guess I am looking for a preamp that is NOT primarily a huge distortion sound, but rather a warm, thicker, smooth non-sterile clean, to slight tube overdrive sound. I can sort of get it with my Boss Blues Driver pedal, but it still has a raspy transistor cut-off artifact to it.

Can anybody recommend something like that?

Hi, I want to find out what is everybody's favorite <3) solid-state tube-emulation circuit, in preamp or pedal format.

I'm planning my next SS guitar amp, to be made from a car stereo amplifier and a 15VDC off-the-shelf switching power supply. I need the best tube-ish front end that I can build, without actually using tubes.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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