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i just tried loading the photos to photobucket as that is what i was told to do last time. i still could log in ,but had no luck uploading the!!

i'll put the amp back together once i upload the pictures and try to get to my signal generator and scope and see if i can do what you have requested JM.......ed!

drgonz78, i took pictures for you and the rest of the guys on the site as i had the whole preamp master volume assembly out and the output power transformer.i have tried to upload photos before and had problems. i'll try to send them if someone can dirrect me in what to do...thanks. i have the pictures on my computer to forward what next....ed!!

i took 13 pictures!

found a cracked solder joint on an electrolytic resoldered and got rid of the clicking was on the master volume board .047uf i believe.i noticed all three of the preamp boards have the same circuit board with different configurations.just have low power now.i have a trace that goes to an opto-isolator that has been cut.not sure if it came from the factory or it is part of my problem.without a schematic who knows! if i take a reading with my meter on dc from the transistor case to ground is get -.0032 on one side and .0012 on the other.not sure ,but shouldn't it be +15vdc on the npn transistor and - 15vdc on the pnp.guessing i have a voltage problem in the 15vdc circuit.any thoughts appreciated....ed

i have already called and i had a friend call and he told them to call him as he wanted to buy from them.all you get is an answering machine.guess what no call back to either of us.maybe i'll have someone else call as three times might be the charm.ha! ha!...i think Roly has tried this before.guess i'm s.o.l.

polytone has not answered me back about my request for a schematic.i see a polytone taurus 2 channel amp schematic for $20.00 which is different than the polytone taurus elite keyboard amp i have.guess i can't even buy one on the net...i'll check your site out you sent... thanks Roly.....ed!

hooked up a keyboard to the amp and it is low in volume on all 3 channels with the volume and master volume controls full up.if i let it run for about 3 or 4 minutes it starts making a clicking sound that is in perfect rhytum like a metronome. sometimes i can hold a key down and the volume will jump up to full volume for a split second if i pick the right key to hold.i have all the reverb and modulation knobs turned all the way off.i am getting close to finding the problem.may be a heat issue ic,transistor or something. will have to try the pinkie test.  thanks....ed!

just did some searching on the net and found out this is a keyboard amp.i was trying a guitar thru the amp and the volume is low.i'm sure it will be louder running a line signal thru it ,but i'm sure it won't be 140 watt loud as listed in the broshure on the amp...still can't find a schematic anywhere?

i have a polytone taurus elite amp that has low volume on all 3 channels.the speaker test good with a 9v battery test. the output transistors test good.all parts on the board attached to the power transformer test good.solder joints look good.need a schematic if anyone has one 3 volume control was broken. i need to relace it.i believe it measures 250k.on the channel 1 board i checked the diodes ,capacitors and resistors and they test good.they are located behind the pilot light.any help appreciated....ed!!

thanks Enzo! i always respect your comments on this site.sometime when i go to my sisters house in michigan to visit i would love to stop in to your shop and shoot the bull if it was possible it would be an honnor to meet you. i am sort of self taught and have been lucky to have a good friend that has 50 + years of television repair.he is pretty knowledgable with testing and troubleshooting ect.he went to alot of classes on tv repair thru the years.thanks for being such a good friend Big Jim!!..had to give him a plug also as he deserves it.

Enzo thanks for all the help you always have a very good outlook on troubleshooting with a very methodical your humor also.also my many thanks to all of the people who have helped take their time to answer my questions. there are to many of you to be able to list.....thanks  to everyone that has helped!!...ed!!

i was not trying to be a troll. i told everyone that i had 500vdc on the grid of all the output tubes and i was questioned if i was taking the readings off the wrong pins. i answered back that i took them correctly.the reason i couldn't take measurements as the board was out of the amp with the tube sockets touching metal of the chassis.when i found the trace that was bad and removed the resistor from the one output tube and replaced the board and everthing is working fine.i have put the amp back in my basement again as of now.i guess when i get more time i will check it out further. i sprayed all the pots with deoxit and cleaned the speaker jacks with crc qd electronic cleaner.sorry for any hard feeling this amp created because i was straight with everyone and was not trying to be a creepy troll.i don't play those you can see from one of my earlier post. i rated this site a 12 out of a 10.i have the highest regard for you guys.sorry for any missunderstandings that have been created..everyone that helped i give my sincere appologies to anyone that this amp caused any hardship..thanks!!....ed

Houston we have ignition.just plugged it in and it is that i have some time i'll probably study the schematic and find out why i had the french talking dog.hope you don't mind if i use this one! love it Enzo.i'm wondering if the trace being open caused a ground loss in the circuit creating the 500vdc problem.hope i never get another amp like this one.i don't think the removal of the resistor helped as it wasn't bridging any of the other tube pins or touching anything creating a short which could of caused the voltage to spike up.i had 481 volts on my weber bias rite on pin3 (the plate).i rebiased the amp @ 70% and shes up and running. 62 bluesbreaker,plexi,and jcm 900 all in one amp. nice sounding amp...thanks all for your help. dont know if anyone will figure out where the 500vdc came from.if i get some time to play i'll dig into the schematics that i received.....everyone have a great fathers day this weekend! drive safe and get a designated driver if you are tipping any drinks.stay safe! your friend ed!!

the phantom 500 i believe is fixed.i found a bad trace going to the grid wire of the power tube closest to the input jack.when i checked continuity with my meter fromthe 5.6k resistor to the green wire i would get of and on i probed where the green wire was attached to the circuit board i could see it move(thank goes for magnifiers)i used my radio shack desoldering tool and after i removed the solder i noticed a crack in the trace. i cut the trace and jumperd a >018" bus wire from the green grid wire to the 5.6k grid resistor bingo good continuity. i also removed the 5.6k resistor someone soldered to the grid of the power tube farthest away from the input.i soldered the green wire dirrect to pin 5 of that tube,so it was just like the other 3 tubes.i put the 15v power supply board and the power tube board back in the amp.grounded my meter to the chassis.fired the amp up threw my light bulb short tester i made and continued on with no shorts to full power.i tested all 4 tube grid connections(pin5) and got -40.9vdc.i haven't looked a print to figure why this phenominon happened yet.i will try the amp out to see if it works later today and will reply with the results. i think the phantom 500vdc is gone. my apolagies to all that helped with this nightmare.i couldn't measure some of the voltages you wanted until i got the boards put back in the amp.wires from the tube sockets upon removal were touching the chassis as to not allow me to fire up the amp for testing.all you guys are the best on the net. i give you all a 12 on a 1-10 rating.thanks for your patience.maybe one of you can figure out what happened. i still don't have a reason for it to work just doing the 2 items i mentioned....thaks all....ed

i am sorry for any frustration i might have created. i didn't notice that we were on page 2 of the replys.i have to put the circuit board back in the amp to take the readings that i am being asked for,i will reply with answers to voltage checks when i get it back in.possibly today.i have been busy getting my band ready for playing out.we had a girl singer that moved to california ,so we threw out 27 songs and have replaced her and our other guitar player with a male singer guitar player and a keyboard player.we are playing out next week and have put alot of new songs on the table. i appoligize.

there are 4 5.6 k grid resistors on the board and the all test good.i am going to remove the stray resistor from the last tube and connect the green grid wire dirrect just like the other 3 tubes.i did find a bad connection on the grid resistor of the power tube farthest from the input jack. i don't get continuity on it all the time. if i look close with my head magnifier i see the solder joint move slightly.still this is not my problem. i am going to fix the 2 problems mentioned and continue on. all the componets seem good.diodes, caps, resistors ect...

i have 4 el34' is the 100 watt model.i have the board and tube socket out of the amp right now.i'll check the items for you when i put it back together.i tested all diodes with my meter on diode test and they are all testing good.back to the drawing board on this one.thought about the transformer shorting into the bias supply winding it can't be as it is acv...

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