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Preamps and Effects / Simple bass preamp section to add onto power amp?
« on: January 05, 2013, 07:13:09 AM »
Hi folks - first post so be gentle!
I need some advice on a suitable really simple preamp/tone control section to go in front of a (low) power amp.

I'm going to make a basic, portable bass amp out of
2 x 7" hifi drivers (good quality and definitely up to the job)
A power amp kit as here -> ebay item number 130821174727 . It.s basically a bridged pair of TDA2003 . I couldn't buy the individual parts this cheaply.
Homemade cabinet of an appropriate size and ported (probably).
Battery power courtesy of power tool 12-14v packs.

I've mocked this up to test the speakers by wiring them to an old Vox Busker amp that uses a single TDA2003. It should sound pretty good with a decent range and bass response.

What I need is a simple circuit to build into the amp to act as a preamp with volume and tone control. Two dials is all I really need. And no distortion.
I already have a selection of components including 5xMPF102 and LM386 IC. and would like to use these if at all possible.
I looked at the Tillman FET preamp but it seems it's not suitable for use with the MPF102 - see below

Any suggestions?

I do appreciate that the question has been asked before, even in the post previous to this one but having followed all the threads I can't find something that is
1. intended/adapable for bass
2. very simple 2 or 3 knob controls
3. uses MPF102 transistors


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