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Checked some supply voltages as best I could with my old multimeter. See amounts below on the the first 6 test points and then the 27volt supply rails going to the speaker output.  Definitely some weird stuff going on.
Any thoughts you have much appreciated. Thx

   Rated      Meter
TP1   20.3   V   AC   20.1    
TP2   20.3   V   AC   20.1
TP3   25.9   V   DC   26.0 
TP4   -25.9V   DC   0.8    
TP5   15.1   V   DC   14.2
TP6   -14.8V   DC   0.7    

TP17  2.97  V      AC    2.8   
U6-6   27   V   AC   58.5    
U6-4   -27   V   AC   1.2    
D22   27   V   AC   58.5    
D23   -27   V   AC   1.2    
R52   15   V   AC   30.2    
R55   -15   V   AC   28.3    

Will do, thanks

Thanks Guys

The FS is unplugged and is the factory FS that came with the amp
There is a very low hum from the cabinet speaker and the external speaker.
There is no noise from the reverb.

Thanks for the schematic but I am just learning so not clear what supply rails are

Playing my guitar through this amp with the footswitch connected, all was good until I clicked the footswitch to go to the drive channel, the red light came on as it should but all output was lost.  Channel footswitch or manual switch now has no effect.  Has anyone had this happen and/or any ideas?

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