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The Newcomer's Forum / Some wisdom regarding speakers
« on: February 16, 2020, 09:09:41 AM »

 Any worth of getting used 10 inch speakers from old Peavey Backstage (late '70, CST), so called 'squareback' for an external cab?
 I mean, Im 'educating' my self and trying many things just to understand what Im hearing (and why of course).
 It brings (un)necessary costs with it.

 So, would I be just better to go for a new modern speaker(s) or take a risk and spend less money (about 1/3 of the price of the new one) for my 'tests'?

 Im I reasonable ..?


Hello good people from SSGuitar forum.

It's nice to see enthusiasts and professionals who are still in love with old stuff.
I've been reading for a few days several treads and now decided to post mine.
But first about my skills;
- Im a mechanic by default,
- I have some experience with electronics. I can repair electronic stuff, solder, exchange components and such.
But I dont know why certain resistor or diode or capacitor is placed somewhere and what that particular part is doing there.

I have one Fender Frontman / Bullet 15W Reverb Pr-241.
It's doing good, exept this well known BUZZZ ..
Found out that I need a really good grounding and I took a wire from the radiator and connected to the chassis.
Buzz gone.
Then I removed the wires from the speaker, removed (external) ground wire and connected to 12" Celestion. No Buzz and very good sound.
Well done Fender, this amp sounds good.

Now I have the second small SS amp, a Squire Champ 15GR Pr-CPR1.
Overall is working good, however it does not sound good as it's brother- the Frontman. A difference in sound as night and day.
This model has 2 GAIN pot's and no distortion switch and no AUX input.
Also Im not sure about the schematics, If I found on-line a good one as non of them are with 2 GAIN's.

Now what I would like to change or improve on this Champ amp:
 1. First and most important:
 - there is a 'light' distortion sound all the time, with or without Reverb, I can hear it all the time so also on the clean channel (the matter of a setup of 2 GAIN pots),
 2. the overall sound is kind of 'shallow' .. 'flat'.., I miss the richness of the Frontman. Tried it also on 12" Celestion.
  - so a bit nicer, fuller, richer sound would be appreciated.

Both amps will be NOT PLAYED on stock speakers but on a external cab.
I found on this forum some good stuff about diferent kind of diodes and swapping them, however I could not spot the right part on my board to compare it.

So my humble question would be:
 - if someone could 'guide' me to the right place on the board for exchanging diodes / resistors ... like I found in other treads regarded to Squier 15w.
I hope I was clear with my explanation (and my English).
If there are some other / more questions Im more than ready to answer them - only way to lean new things!


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