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Amplifier Discussion / Peavey Standard 260 Filter Caps (starting over )
« on: November 30, 2018, 07:21:33 PM »
Sorry for the confusion in my earlier post.

Peavey Standard 260 from 1972. Isearched for schematic, came up dry. Waiting on PV is to get back.

I installed the new caps correctly. 42 v + & - no access detected.
There seems to be an issued with power to the pre amp. Later versions of this unit specify -15 v on the pin that feeds the cable, ground center.

The p.a. pin reads 42 volts, the center ground, and the pin that should read - 15 reads nothing. I don't know where to start.
I took a couple of pics, one back lit hoping maybe for a clue while I wait for a schematic.
Any hints where to start and what to look for ?

Many thanks.

Amplifier Discussion / Peavey Filter Caps
« on: November 10, 2018, 04:43:43 PM »

Hey folks,

Thanks for the help already received on this fine forum.

My latest question : I have an old Peavey 260 Standard that has a good bit of hum in the output so it seemed replacing the ancient filter caps would be a good start , (right ? ).
i am aware by search that the originals are no longer available, 5000 uf 55 volts and that some have used these higher values. Will they work ? Thanks.

Amplifier Discussion / Kasino Concert 120
« on: October 24, 2018, 08:15:39 PM »
Hey All,

This is my second project, My first a Fender M80 was a great success with the help I got here !

I have this Kasino Concert 120 I want to restore. It powers on, and produces sound.
The left channel, which has a remarkably good bass tone.It hisses loudly, and will give out with a loud hum which can be stopped by hitting the case, until it comes back.
The right channel seems to be fairly issue free, but seems more voiced for guitar, and I want to use it for bass.

From what I can determine, these use the same boards as the Kustom K-250 heads.

Anyway, before I dig in too deep, are there common problems with these boards I can try to fix first, or information I can share to get started ?

Any help greatly appreciated !

Amplifier Discussion / M80 bass amp tone stack
« on: September 08, 2018, 02:30:01 PM »
Hey everyone. I introduced myself in the newbie section and glad to be here.

I had asked about altering the EQ section in my Fender m80 bass amp.
I is very honky thin midrangey in nature, and I would like to scoop out a lot of that mid and have a fatter more balanced tone capability.

Forgive my ignorance, in the meanwhile I have been reading about slope resistors in tone stacks. Does that apply in this case ? Only on tube amps ?

I  have good soldering skills and know how to find whatever wherever in an amp. Can I do a simple resistor change to change to a more fat natural response without going to extremes on the tone controls, currently have to crank bass and severely cut mids to get a more traditional, less "transparent" tone.

Are there other things I can do, such as filter caps etc. to beef this up some. I do have a 4 ohm speaker installed and it is really pretty powerful for it 160 watt rating. No damping in speaker box.

It's fairly compact and light, it would be nice if I could optimize the tone more.

Any and all help appreciated, many thanks !

EDIT : here is a link to details aboutthe amp including schematic.

The Newcomer's Forum / Great Forum !
« on: September 08, 2018, 01:45:18 AM »
Hey yall Happy to find this place ?

What brings me here is my old Fender M-80 bass combo. It's not the greatest amp ever but seems worth saving.
My main question is : Is it possible to tweek the EQ section to dial back the baked in mid forward sound this amp has ? I have to dial it way back and turn the bass way up to get a fatter, more traditional old school tone ?
Thanks for your help !

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