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The Newcomer's Forum / Splice output cables of matched speakers?
« on: May 05, 2018, 05:02:52 AM »

I'm looking for advice on splicing the output cables from fairly matching rated amps with the same speakers [celestion 12s]

I have had speaker issues with a 2x12 Stage 160 that is Not a ripped cone. when plugged in, they have a very audible hum that's harsh and responds to input frequency. I pulled the amp down on stage on accident one night.

I now since use the amp to preamp my cybertwin with the same speakers. the CT is rated 130 watts, and the Stage is rated 160 obv. what I'm trying to do is, could I splice the connection to the CT's speakers, to additional cable running to the Stage? Before we get too technical with model specs, I believe all speakers are running at 8 ohms. my guess is that the splice will create 16 ohms per output, which should be ok? if I recall correctly

Any reason why not will be appreciated

thanks for your time if you read!

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