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Morning All,

I'm in a bit of a quandry -

Last week I purchased a Marshall 1960AHW 4x12 with the intent of running it from various combos or heads I have laying around.

Problem is, I do not specifically have any 'marshall' heads, for example JTM45 / plexi / jcm800 / jvm410 etc.

Now obviously a 4x12 can be brutal from a power handling capacity, but I'm looking for something in the 20-50w range in terms of a head.

There are so many heads on the market now that I just cannot keep track of them, much less have time to demo any.

I wish to avoid modelling amps, as they are not really my thing.

I already have fender bassman, twin reverb, JC120, AC30, and a boss katana 100, any of which I could plug into the cab, but I am not sure.

What I do know though, is that I am not an "orange" guy, and while I love a plexi as much as the next guy, I'll need a decent reactive load to keep the peace with the neighbours if I want to get the right crunch out of one - not to mention I like having my hearing.

So does anyone have a suggestion?

I'm halfway between a hybrid and all valve.

It's really easy to get lost in all the choices.

I guess the last option is to build my own again, but I'm sure those of you who work on stuff will understand what I mean when I say I just want to plug in and play.

hit me up with some suggestions - I know there are far too many out there to choose from.

Oh, just as background on tone - I play pretty much every genre except djent.  I have LP's, strat's, hollowbodies and offsets. I don't have any P90's.

feel free to paste URL links to stuff you like, because I'm lost in choice.

The Newcomer's Forum / New here - JC-120 #492020 - chasing down info
« on: December 05, 2017, 12:44:30 AM »
New here.
I googled JC-120 and ended up on an epic thread, had to join.

It was a bit of a two-pronged attack - I was chasing a JC-120 and saw the thread, which made me feel a little better about troubleshooting.

I subsequently found a JC-120 and picked it up today, for  $150. It has a few issues, which I'm looking to sort out.

Namely, the effects aren't working, but the amp is OK.  Yet to strip it down and look inside, but I'm guessing new caps and possibly a coule of diodes/transistors. - maybe an FET/BJT or something - I will have to find the correct schematic first, but let's see how we go!

Wish me luck. :tu:

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