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Amplifier Discussion / Fender Pro 185 2x12 - New Problem Child
« on: July 01, 2017, 03:35:22 PM »
Hello! I'm onto my second project now that it's summer and it's way too hot to spend much time outside in the afternoons.

My Fender Pro 185 is a real head scratcher. I plug in to the amp and get sound. I'd say it's like the volume is set to "3". But the volume control does NOTHING. 0 to 10 - Nothing. Always at "3".

I'm pulling the board this afternoon. I've already checked put speakers and they are in fine shape and both receive and push sound.

Any insights would be appreciated. I'm thinking about changing out the volume control straight away, but will wait to here from you guru's on here.
Thanks !

I have an opportunity to pick up a working Fender SS Super Reverb. I know it supposedly "sounds terrible", but I thought it would be
a kick to own a piece of funky fender history. Any thoughts or words of advice or warning? Let me know!  ;)

Amplifier Discussion / Princeton Chorus SS Board Advice Needed
« on: January 07, 2017, 08:18:43 AM »
Hello. This is my first post to SSGuitar. I purchased a Fender Princeton Chorus for my 16yo daughter. It's great, but boy is the Volume Control knob on Input 1 touchy!
It will go from Normal volume to 10 as you dial up or down the sound. If you fiddle with the knob back or forth, you can get it back to normal. I'm pretty handy with electronics, and I've gone ahead and pulled
the board out. I plan on checking all the suspect soldier joints and reflowing them. And cleaning out all the pots with D5.

Any other hints you might provide will be greatly appreciated! I've posted a pic of the board. Looks like it was pulled and tested in '98? Also, did the 9836 caps originally have hot glue melted between them for shock absorption?
If not, this has been done too. (I had planned on doing that lol)
Thanks again. Warmest regards,

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