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Preamps and Effects / DIY Boost / Preamp pedal The Piledriver
« on: May 28, 2015, 10:51:15 PM »
Hi guys,

Hey, I suspect the issue of The Piledriver DIY pedal has come up before, but I found no reference to it (and searched, to no avail).  Anyway, I thought I might throw this out to more experienced and technically adept (eg. everyone but me!).

I built the Piledriver boost pedal several months ago. It works pretty well and as claimed.  It appears to be simple design based on the BS170 MosFET.

To be sure, I do like it and it works fine.  Heck, I built it and it works -- my first DIY pedal -- so, I guess I should be happy with it and leave it at that.
But.. As designed, it sounds fairly good -- considering the simplicity of it.  It has good gain overall with some clipping/breakup when the pot is dialed up around max.   However, the one thing it really leaves lacking is any ability to tweak the 'tone'. Is there a component(s) that can be swapped or a location where I can 'insert' a pot to give basic ability to tweak treble/mid/bass ?  If so, this thing would be about 4x more useful to me.

Here is the schematic (openly posted in public from distributor's site, so I don't believe there is any problem including a link here -- to the best of my knowledge):

Anyway, thanks in advance. I'll happily listen to all your comments and suggestions.

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