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to make a story short,

sorry for bothering with this subject again.

but i must say i liked so much this article below:

and i do not understand why things like this are not well accepted.

but this not the point.

i would like to ask... the transistor amp might be the carvin SX series????
if it is true that it is a carvin, why the man behind the idea (john murphy) did not
used or suggested an equalization after the preamp (as he did in his article
about duty cycle modulation).


Hi guys,

what do you think about this recent patent on pentode replacement????
do you think this could really show the behavior of pentode after phase splitter...
the author claims it can do even the grid conduction effect or compression..

unfortunatelly those patents are always surrounded by mistery. i say tha it is
because they never are together with some real sample.

thanks in advance.

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