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Amplifier Discussion / Crate BS-160 fuse blows right away
« on: June 21, 2009, 02:46:23 PM »
Hi, I just inherited a Crate BS-160 bass/keyboard amp. It does not power up, so I looked inside. It has one fuse and it was blown. It's 250V 5A. I replaced it and it blew again instantly. I did notice the amp says to use normal blow fuses and I ended up replacing it with a rapid blow type. Could this make any difference? Any idea where I should start?

Thanks :)

Amplifier Discussion / 22 watt per channel stereo amp project
« on: May 29, 2009, 11:13:56 AM »
Hi Everyone,

I have posted some threads about the SS amp I'm making and it's really starting to come together now (circuit wise). I wanted to post my progress on this in case anyone is interested, or if you have any comments, questions, or constructive criticism. Here is what I have so far.

The plan is to make a stereo multiple channel combo amp with the following features:

• mono and stereo inputs, the left jack will be mono, left and right are stereo
• Multiple channels - So far I know there will be a clean, and a Dr Boogie channel
• effects loop
• extention speaker cap out
• whatever I can think of next....

Power Amp - this is the power amp circuit I'm using
It's 22 watts per chanel. I made a PCB layout in Eagle cad and built it allready. It works!

Pre Amp - This is made out of several circuits combined
I'm using stomp box amp emulators to get the distortion channels. I'm using a Don Tillman pre amp circuit with an eq
for the "Clean" channel.

• Clean Chanel- Don Tillman pre amp -
   that goes into a Baxandall EQ -
   then it goes into a LM386 amp I found here
   I'm adding a gain pot between the cap and pin 1 of the chip.

• Metal Chanel - Dr. Boogie  -
   Then into a Tillman pre amp then into a LM386 amp with no cap between pin 1 & 8, so there won't be any additional gain boost.

As of now I have only tested with one side of the amp chip. I've tried out an 8" 25 watt/50 watt musical( I still don't know what that means)  4 ohm Jensen. I also ran it thrugh my Marshall 4X12 cab.

I havn't figred out the effects loop, or stereo parts yet. I think I'm only going to do stereo through the clean channel. I'll just double the clean preamp. All the other channels will just be mono.

I'm thinking about adding a Run Off Groove UNO and a Thor. I might be getting carried away.

I'll post some sound samples and pictures soon. Let me know any ideas you have and what you think.



I built this power amp circuit

I'm only using one chanel right now, so it's just a 22 watt mono amp. I'm using it with a guitar speaker (not HI FI).

So I tried putting a couple different preamps in front of it. Both from

Tone Mender -

Professor Tweed -

Both sound great into my regular amp, but they don't quite turn the 22 watt circuit I made into a real guitar amp. The make a huge improvement over the power amp alone though.

My question is, is there anything I should do to the power amp circuit to make it more like a guitar amp?

Does anyone have any sugestions for pre-amps or a combination of pre-amps?

My goal is to have a 2 chanel (clean & distortion) amp with master volume.

Thanks, Doug

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