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Looking for some guitar speakers with a bit of a mid scoop, definitely around the 400-500hz range where electric piano has a fair amount of mud, and a nice extended treble without too much upper mid harshness. Want something that's not too fizzy with overdrive, but considering a pedal with a clean blend so can keep the overdrive in the midrange with clean top & bottom end for better clarity, so hopefully extended highs for clean tone won't translate into fizz for overdrive! The most promising things I've seen are in the Jensen Jet range, as alot of them have that dip in the lower mid-midrange, and they also have a good power handling for my 200w LabSeries L11. Anyone got any good suggestions?

Amplifier Discussion / LabSeries L11 power section repairs & spares
« on: July 20, 2020, 10:48:42 AM »
I've picked up a pretty battered L11 off eBay that I'm trying to get working for some electric piano. Was working ok other then the odd little sputter when I first got it (it was listed as probably needing a good service), when giving the thing a good clean out previous to it the reverb send/return socket has all the pins snapped off, and the reverb tank has a hook kissing off the transducer. Other then that it seemed to be able to get some decent volume without any problems other then the little random bits of noise that kept coming out that I figured could also be dirty pots. Second time I plugged it in to a 4ohm bass cab totally forgetting that it's 8ohm. Didn't use much volume but this time it sounded awful at anything other then minimal volume (until I worked out what I'd done...) making a horrendous farting noise. Same deal when I unplugged it and went it into a 8ohm speaker.

Not sure if the filter caps were ready to fail anyway and that's put them over the edge, or I've messed up some other element of the power section? Never ran an amp on the wrong impedance and don't know much about what it can damage, didn't think at all at the time as I'm so used to SS stuff being rated for at least as low as 4ohms.

I think I remember seeing that some obscure company makes output chips that are compatible with these (although my limited knowledge of output chips is that they tend to blow as quickly as a fuse and not gradually fail), but I'm a little concerned that there could be alot of components that are t going to be very easy to replace.

As a little aside if this ever gets revived to working condition - can anyone tell me a bit more about the compressor? The -/+ sides of it, is the plus side an upwards compression sort of effect/a downward expander/both/neither?

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