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Preamps and Effects / Building acoustic preamp from other amps
« on: December 25, 2010, 04:07:40 PM »
I am playing an acoustic guitar with a sound hole pickup thru an electric amp and not getting much output. I have to crank up the volume to max to get enough volume to be heard in room holding maybe 100 people and no other instruments. I figure I needed a preamp. I had read on another site that you could build a preamp out of a smaller amp by "rerouting the out-to-speaker wires to the big amp's input and rerouting the small amp's input to be the big amp's input." But then someone else said this was not possible. The site also said that "virtually any electronic device that projects sound has the basis of a pre-amp." So, what's the cold hard facts for someone like me who can barely handle a soldering iron & can't read a schematic?

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