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alexius i worked the vibin' champ on my protoboard... its perfect!!,i just change the first j201 for a mpf102,for a "clean" sound and i place a 25k pot instead the R1(15k resistor)... to have a mid control(tonestack calculator helps me)... but this circuit its all what i need
... i use this circuit at 15V and sounds awesome with a tda7294,now i'll do the pcb and switch the channels of my ss amp,and finish the job!!!

but really really thank you alexius for this info... i search a lot of this circuits,but never find something like this...

many thanks once again for you help

holaaa JM fahey,como le va vecino?... se nos fue Bielsa y en Chile aun estamos reclamando por el nuevo presidente de nuestro futbol...
como decimos aca.. "mensa cagaita..." jajajaj,saludos compadre...y claro eran como 10dB de atenuacion segun el tonestack q habia hecho,gracias por su ayuda tambien...

hi everyone,hey alexius... unconsciously i make the same proyect  ;D,i dont see this post... but its the same stuff, fetzer valve+buffer (i did the buffer with a opamp)...
i want to add some tonestack stage too,but i have a lot of problems with the awful signal loss... but adding some new gain/buffer stage after the tonestack add noise too,so... what's the solution for this problem?? if i find this answer i will post it  ;)

greetings from Chile(yeah... miners and earthquake...)  8|

Schematics and Layouts / Re: Mesa Recto/FET Homemade
« on: July 20, 2010, 10:07:31 PM »
i build a tda7294 amp too its a great proyect at low price... now i just look for some good preamp..

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