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Title: Phatt's Tridozer
Post by: phatt on June 23, 2014, 07:27:39 AM
Has been a while but the mind has been quitely growing new plans.
Here is a little OD circuit under test right now, might even build this one.

No it's not a heavy metal gizmo but does a reasonable job of making a clinically clean SSAmp sound a bit more convincing by adding a little rattle while boosting the signal. Works very well in front of my distortion units as a clean boost.
It does not change the tone when boosting on my gear at least.

More testing when time permits meantime here is a screen shot of what it does-zes. This won't put triodes out of production but good enough till a can buy a factory,,, in my next life.  :lmao:.

Have fun, Phil.
Title: Re: Phatt's Tridozer
Post by: Jack1962 on June 23, 2014, 01:02:41 PM
Interesting , have you tried it at 9V yet?
Title: Re: Phatt's Tridozer
Post by: phatt on June 23, 2014, 08:10:49 PM
No,,, but I assume it would work, might need a few tweaks.
I tend to avoid 9Volt battery stuff as it's working at the bottom of the pile for decent headroom and battery life is often very limited. xP

Insert a pot at R9/R17 and connect the diode to wiper will give you some adjustment over onset of clip.
R11 and R12 was a 1 meg pot but I found Vr1 delivers a better control.
I'm running this directly into my trusty PhAbbtone box for tone but if you want it to work into other stuff you will need to add an output buffer for better transfer of signal.

For those interested in this idea some reading here;
I tried that idea but nothing meaningful transpired,, maybe I did not have the right Fet.

Or read up on KMG's work with high voltage LND 150 mosfet,, Very impressive results from what I read but I wanted a cheap and simple circuit that delivered the rattle of old Clean Valve amps which where never really pristine hifi clean.
They always came with a little edge to the clean signal extending into a sweet OD when pushed.
Dirt boxes are a dime a dozen but those in between sounds are hard to capture.
Title: Re: Phatt's Tridozer
Post by: J M Fahey on June 25, 2014, 11:30:56 PM
VERY good!!!!
 :dbtu:   :dbtu:   :dbtu:   :dbtu:   :dbtu:
Title: Re: Phatt's Tridozer
Post by: Jack1962 on June 26, 2014, 07:16:27 AM
I was  actually think that most power supplies for stomps are 9 volts , and that being the case it would be just a easier addition to my collection of stomps that way  :lmao:
Title: Re: Phatt's Tridozer
Post by: phatt on June 26, 2014, 10:02:47 AM
The output of this circuit is quite big but with a buffer and pot at the end may provide a less intense swing more suitable to be used as a pedal. (able to be bypassed)
Hey go try it and let us know the result, it may work well but my idea is not really in the vein of the normal pedal concept which can be bypassed Instead I'm going for a complete floor controlled preamp so the unit is permanently engaged.

This circuit is the front end of what will likely be 3 sections OD/Tone/Crunch preamp. The Aim is 6 knobs max with 2 stomp switches.

The OD will have a switched fixed resistor across the first pot effectively tuning the preset gain on and off giving a clean and OD setting.
tone will be permanently engaged, then the crunch circuit will be the second switch delivering a more common fat distortion effect. with both switches on it really gets big.