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Amplifier Discussion / Champion Amp Kit help needed.
« on: October 14, 2020, 10:35:05 PM »
Ok so after at least a year or more, I have taken out my Champion Amp Kit. It has been sitting in my draw for over a year now. While I was still a bit confused, my brain said look up on YouTube. This its what I found
YouTube video
So finally I am going to try attempt to build it.
I worked out how to test all the resisters etc to check the values etc. Soldered them in place and its been so much fun.

I have tried the following speakers
3"/76mm 8ohm 1W
100mm 8ohm 3W
6"/150mm un-labled speaker from my Line 6 Micro Spider amp.
Sony SS-H991 8ohm Stereo speaker
10" Speaker From powered Car Subwoofer.

Plugging in my acoustic guitar and even electric Strat style. Apart from the Subwoofer and Sony stereo speakers, all the other ones tend to distort from too much volume. Powered from 12v or 9v batteries. This amp is supposed to be rated to run with small speakers.
I was surprised that the speaker from the Line 6 Amp seemed to work better when in its original amp cabinet when taken out it distorted a bit too much.
So I am looking for the best option. I want to make a range of smaller amps in some cool looking tins I have. So need a smaller speaker that wont distort similar to a mini 9v battery amp like the Marshall MS4.
I also want to make a few bigger amps with Bigger speakers to put in old suitcases for that cool retro look.

What I am thinking is that I may need to put something to limit the volume output with smaller speakers. Maybe just adding it to the input jack or speaker output to limit the signal so not to max the speaker. Any ideas on speakers that may work well for these needs. thanks.

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