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Biggest selling amp this year - Mustang Micro!


According to and, the biggest selling amp of the year (in volume, not dollars profit) is the Mustang Micro.  Interestingly, DSP and solid state in general completely dominated the top 10.  Tube amplifiers only showed up in 4th, 5th, and 8th in the top 10 with 4th and 5th place being Orange's micro series amps that use tube preamp and solid state power amps.  Rock on SS gear!

Kool little guitar amp. I love searching for pedals and equipment and finding something that gives you the sound your looking for. Scrapping old electronics for pedal building has become my newest hobby. Well it has a long haul finding parts exact for the pedal but it has gave me a better understanding of what happens inside the circuits of our favorite sound effects.


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