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 :dbtu: Cool sound, dude!

What´s your axe? Pickup that she load?
Hi Evil:

Take a look here

I see several 6100´s, but not 6011´s.

Maybe you can find it.

Maybe useful for your project, add to you "test bank" a Ruby/Little Gem as amp (LM386-1W).

Only need to put your preamp choice, and play it on.

When you have your desired preamp design, just change amp stage to you need.
Quote from: J M Fahey on September 28, 2012, 10:36:13 AM
Or, like a friend's Father said: "do it right at once, whatever time it takes .... if you do it quick and wrong .... you'll have to repeat it anyway"

I have kind of same said:  "There is two way to do a job: Well done..or..again"
Sounds like very ambitious plan, keep going. Interesting to see and follow it.

I thinking that the more time you spend on design stage and planning, the more time you save after, when mounting.
The Newcomer's Forum / Re: Basic circuit paramaters
September 25, 2012, 12:31:05 PM
Dont forget teemuk´s wonderfull book  :tu:

You can find it next link
Quote from: PeteTLT on September 22, 2012, 12:23:51 AM
....My Primary amp is an Orange and my secondary is a Peavey, but the peavey isn't loud enough so i want to build an amp to replace it......

...I wondering what happens if you plug your guitar straight to your peavey, in your gig setup. It is loud enough?

In the other hand, can be more specific about your peavey model, so we can check its manual (if we found it, of course)? or at least if one of ours guys know it, they can help you better.

Now, no clear enough what you need, maybe betters connection setup solve your problem , or as you says, you need more equipment.

I´m not heavy weigth here, but hope help you.
So.... LM3886 GGG  is #1 candidate for our friend?
Maybe i misunderstand you.

What you want to do?

Connect your peavey to an amp with volume control an 1x12 speaker?

Please, can you describe your setup? I guess bass guitar----peavey---- mixer.....

If you have a few more skills that i think (at least you can solder), maybe you can take a look at this

50W on 8 ohm speaker, easy to do, reliable, tested and cheap.

You will need a preamp, but i guess that you can start using some of your pedals as it.

You will need learn to etch a pcb board (not big deal), our friend google sure can bring you a lot of "how to" , and some guys of here can help you to success.

If you can make a pedal, you can do an amp, for sure.

Hope help you.
I dont mounted it, but it was my plan "b" if rb400 clone goes wrong.

I readed a lot of good comments about it. Looks simple and cheap, so worth the try too.
I tryied this  with nice results.

You can build the preamp and use the power amp stage that you like

hope help.
Why the hell his Maximo dont like to play guitar???!!!!!

These days coming new baby for my wife and my, so no many time for hobby, but anyway, that will make my next challenge.....

Some kid of here want my Coihue 50, so i thinking sell it to my cost of a new Coihue 100W 2x12 "reverb and footswitch" EDITION.

Taking your old suggestion of take note for every interesting idea, plannig split SansAmps GT2 in two channels, "fenderish" for clean, "MARSHAMESA" for crunch, footswitch selectable, and so clean,hot, hi gain selection. 3-band baxandall tonestack for each channel.

Amp stage, 2 x 7294 or 3886, each one driving one Fahey 12A80.

Sound nice?

PS: jammed Coihue 50 several times, around 2 hours each, with no problem. Perhaps a few °C on heatsink (huge one)

Looks nice.....

I want to add a reverb to my amp, but.....  >:( can´t find PT2399 or reverb tank here in Argentine Patagonian  :grr

Preamps and Effects / Spring reverb tank info
August 30, 2012, 11:25:59 AM
Researching about make myself a spring reverb tank, founded this site with info.

Posted here, but not sure if it is right place. please move it if not.