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September 23, 2023, 02:28:30 PM

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The Newcomer's Forum / Re: saturated's all encompassi...
Last post by nosaj - Today at 02:25:34 PM
I tried to post earlier. Do you want a working variac? If so PM for details.
Amplifier Discussion / Re: Modding an Ampeg SS70
Last post by Tassieviking - Today at 01:07:46 PM
I could not see the schematic, so I will post the ones I have if someone is interested.
Photos would be very nice.You cannot view this attachment.You cannot view this attachment.You cannot view this attachment.   
while I got you here I am really struggling with trying to understand how to be safe with oscilloscope grounding.
I was going to put a two prong adapter on the cord to unground it but maybe that is not a good idea.

It has been a long time since I used my scope, and my scope is a real CRO.
I usually use one ground clamp that I attach to the 0v rail, as long as the 0v rail is grounded.

All my probes have a removable ground wire so all I am left with is the probe itself, I leave one probe with the ground wire attached.
My old "cathode ray oscilloscope" is nothing like the modern units most people have today, turn it on, have a cupper, use it.
What model are we talking about ?
I have only one Mark Bass service manual, the Little Mark 2.
The Newcomer's Forum / Re: MarkBass/Class D amplifier...
Last post by g1 - Today at 12:17:37 PM
You have to deal with SMPS to get anywhere with these kind of amps.
see attached

another one here:
The Newcomer's Forum / MarkBass/Class D amplifiers
Last post by GeezerB - Today at 10:54:53 AM
Has anyone looked at or attempted repair on these types of amps? I bought one non working for parts for a song... but now I see the complexity of such a device .   It seems that they are stingy with schematics and all roads lead to approved repair shops. This one won't even power up... no power LED, no fan, no life at all.   Just learning about class D, fascinating stuff!
The Newcomer's Forum / Re: saturated's all encompassi...
Last post by saturated - September 22, 2023, 11:22:00 PM
I was watching a video on my tv and took a pic of the screen

anybody recognize these guys  :P

You cannot view this attachment.
Schematics and Layouts / Raven RG100 Combo Schematic Wa...
Last post by willpirkle - September 22, 2023, 03:20:40 PM
schematic wanted: Raven RG100 2x12 Combo

One just came into the shop. It's a super simple setup and easy pcb access, bad filter cap... But I am looking for a schematic to add to the collection, and to look for anything else for completeness. their website is long gone but apparently they were designed in LA, not far from QSC/Quilter if my SoCal memory serves correct. it's been a while...

Thanks - will
Amplifier Discussion / Re: Modding an Ampeg SS70
Last post by joecool85 - September 22, 2023, 01:18:58 PM
This sounds like a great platform, but not something I'm very familiar with.  Care to share any pictures?  We'd love to see it!
Schematics and Layouts / Re: Looking for a schematic fo...
Last post by Tassieviking - September 22, 2023, 02:38:17 AM
I have had a good look for this schematic but i can't find one either, are you going to repair this one yourself?
I think this might be a very simple circuit as they sold very cheaply when they came out, it might not be hard to trace out.

If you can open the amp up and take photos of both sides of the PCB we might be able to trace it out for you, the more pictures the better.

I would imagine this might be a good project for people to build and also it sounds ok for a small amp, it might even be ok as a small stomp box size practice amp that you can plug into a speaker cab.