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November 27, 2022, 12:20:34 AM

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Rocktron Rampage R80

Started by jammy5152, June 26, 2018, 08:51:49 AM

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Glad I am back
Hope to get feedback or help on my newest project..

I have a Rocktron Rampage R80 amplifier that I bought for 10.00 and was hoping to get it operational..
It has no sound coming  from it and their is no burnt spots or trouble that I can see...
As I was going through it and using a chopstick to lift and touch components, I tapped on one of the 5 watt sandblock resistors and got a sudden sound and then moving over to the 3300 25 v caps and the sound came on for a while with everything working...
Then the sound went off and I have since replaced the 3300 caps and now I have nothing... This amp is so clean and I don't not see any dead solder joints or any other problems...
I'm asking for the schematic or so help her to figure out the problem
I will try the FX loop shortly to see if I can get sound with that area



Try resoldering those 5W resistors.  Post schematic if you have it.


Hi @jamie5152,

Were you able to get the schematics? Could you please post it here?

I have this very same amp, for a long time, since 1999, I think. Eventually it started to show this problem: it randomly shuts down the input signal and there's  no sound out of it. After some time it recovers. Also, if I turn it off and on again it stays fine for a while. It has been in a shelf for years and now I am trying to fix it. But without the schematic it's tough.

Would really appreciate if you could send me the schematics.

Thanks and regards,

Jazz P Bass

I would run a patch cord from the FX Send jack to the FX Return jack.
The Return jack has Normally Closed contacts that if they get dirty will prevent the signal from passing through to the power amp.
As to a schematic. Have you tried contacting Rocktron? techsupport@rocktron.com


Hi there!

Thanks, will try the patch cord tomorrow.
I did contact Rocktron support but I have no reply so far.

Thanks and regards,


Hi again,
So, I tried the cord between the send and the return jacks and it worked! Thanks for the tip!

While this is certainly a good workaround, how would suggest to fix this? This may.simply be related with some dirt in the connector. So, replacing it may be a bit of an overkill. Any suggestions on how to clean it up?

Since I have the amp opened and the PCB's are exposed, would you suggest any procedure to avoid other issues, like cleaning it up?

Thanks and regards,


The return jack has a cutout contact.  It needs cleaning.  If that doesn't work, then replace the jack.

Jazz P Bass

Or, if the FX loop is not being used, you can simply leave a patch cord installed.


Thanks for the suggestions!