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July 19, 2024, 03:56:09 AM

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"Where's Roly?"

Started by Roly, July 28, 2015, 04:05:31 AM

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{The Last Post - there is no right place to post this, but to save cluttering up the Limiting Lamp tread...}

Since the question has now been asked...

In May I was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.  It has taken a rapid toll on my energy level and I've had to clear the decks and savagely triage my various activities, pass on my baby OzValveAmps.org, drop out of forums, and focus on family and friends in the estimated 6 to 24 months left to me.

"Where there is life there is hope", certainly, and I'm getting excellent and intensive cutting edge care from the best oncology unit in the State, but realistically, I'm not walking away from this one, so my partner and I intend to have the best time possible in what remains.

While I'm still very weak the team have already restored some of my strength and feel that they can restore enough for Bev and I to take a last farewell road trip to visit old muso friends, to have slap up dinners, to play, sing, laugh, cry, and move on.

Rest assured that I'm not in any pain, and that I am mentally composed about the situation.

So thanks for all the interactions and problems to solve, it has been an enjoyable trip.  I'll still be dropping by to see what's happening, but I won't be posting much, if at all.


If you say theory and practice don't agree you haven't applied enough theory.


Wow Roly, that is sad to hear, but you seem to have a positive attitude, which is about the best news we can hear.

A friend of mine from our local tavern, many years ago now, came in and shared with us that he had just been diagnosed with a terminal cancer.  he was getting the best care possible, but terminal is terminal.  He was in a support group and he told me they had one rule:  you can ALWAYS interrupt with a joke.  I couldn't think of a better rule for such a group to have.

Knowing that I am something of a card, he asked me if I would come to one of his meetings, he said I'd fit in.  I said I would be delighted to go.   Alas, he passed on just a few days later, and I never got the chance.  I sincerely hope you do get the chance to see all your friends.

J M Fahey

Dear Roly, wish you THE BEST.
Modern Medicine is wonderful, they won't avoid what's (for now)  not avoidable but will stretch that as much as they can, and provide the best life quality possible under the circumstances.
FWIW my **best** friend , my compadre (literally, I was his children's Godfather) , passed away last year, same diagnostic as yours, with initial (because he ignored all warning signals on purpose)  expectance of 3 to 6 months, he lived very happy and fruitful 36 months.
Not bad at all.
Knowing your stubborness (in the good meaning) , I know you will give a hell of a fight and to boot, enjoy your life together with friends and loved ones.
Take care, Friend :)


I have to echo JM and say,

Dear Roly, wish you THE BEST.

Thank you so much for your humor, sharing your vast experience, unselfish dedication and help to us on the forum.

Rock on, Friend.
If it ain't broke I'll fix it until it is.


  Thanks for the update Roly. 
Your amazing contributions here and at ozvalveamps are greatly appreciated.
At times in my life, due to exceptional circumstances, time has passed in a non-linear manner for me.  It doesn't stop, but slows down in a way that what I can accomplish in the allotted time seems miraculous. 
  I can only hope for the same for you, and wish you all the best.


Dang..not sure what to say

Eat drink and be merry

I sure appreciate all your contributions  your posts are one of the top 3 I love to read .

Find your peace and share it with those you love. 



I hope you have a great road trip and get to see all your family and friends. You will definitely be missed by all of us here.
"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." -Albert Einstein


Roly had informed me a while ago, but I didn't really want to share what was his personal information.  You have been a great addition to this board, a good friend (if only online), and you will be sorely missed here and elsewhere I am sure.  Have the best times, friend.
Life is what you make it.
Still rockin' the Dean Markley K-20X


I'm sad to hear your news. It has been a pleasure and I will miss your contributions. We will all meet again in another domain.


Thank you for your help, as you see I am a newbie, yet you are very helpful.

(1)"Keep on sowing your seed, for you never know which will grow -- perhaps it all will."

(2)"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."

                                                          Albert Einstein


Oh dang it,, I've put this off simply because I,m stuck for words and words seem weak and feable in these situations.

Why such a beautiful mind should have to endure such a horrible thing,, If I ever find that elusive God fella I'm gonna kick him up the arse with a very pointy shoe for being such a prick. :grr :grr :grr

Yes go and have a damn fine road trip Roly and Rip-It-uP before you have to RIP.  :dbtu: :dbtu:

And the Biggest thankyou for the above and beyond the call of duty you have given to myself as well as the countless others you have helped to grasp the intricate detail of the world of electronics.

If you do have to pass into the next life can you please check those lights in the sky at night I notice a few are a bit dull maybe you could check the circuits are workin right.
Naah,, come to think of it,,,you're probably over qualified for that job. 8|
You will have to forgive my pathetic attempt at humor as I'm just so sad about the news. All the love in the world to you mate,,,, Phil. <3) <3) <3) <3) <3) <3)


Hey Roly, thanks for all your help. I really appreciate you trying to educate me with your responses and they were thorough and totally worthy of referring back to as I try to figure this stuff out. People like yourself give of your time and that's sometimes a rare thing in this day. May your todays and tomorrows be peaceful!

Thanks Roly!



I am deeply saddened to hear this news, Roly. I have only spoken with you through this forum, but you have been an immense help to me, not only from my direct interactions with you, but also in reading your responses to other posts. Aside from the direct help you provided me, I think my favorite thing I have learned from you is the art (and perhaps more so the science) of troubleshooting--to attack a problem by rooting out its cause rather than blindly guessing what the solution might be. That advice has been helpful to me in many more ways than just electronics, and I'm truly grateful for it and everything else you have shared throughout the years. I will be praying for you and your family, and I wish you joy and happiness as you visit with your loved ones in that beautiful country of yours. You will definitely be missed, but I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we are grateful to have known you. Take care, my friend!  :dbtu:



Roly, if you're reading this, I want to say that I really appreciate the time you've taken and the knowledge you've shared in answering my questions (and others' questions I've followed)  in the relatively short time I've been reading and posting here. Your insight, perspective and wit have been most enjoyable and despite my limited electronics comprehension, you have inspired me to learn more and experiment with electronics and acoustics as they apply to musical instrument amplification. Wish I'd have had a chance to meet you somewhere in person but in any case your online generosity has benefited me and made me smile and chuckle on more than one occasion.

Wishing you the best...the world needs more people like you.


Thank you guyz.

"Don't just stand there saying 'short circuit' - lengthen it!'"

I'm pleased to hear that I've helped people, I think of it as giving back for the many engineers and techs who have helped and enlightened me over the years, and there is so much to learn, not so much about the technology 'tho that is considerable, but about technique, tips and tricks that save time and help sort the fly *s!!t* from the pepper - and linear diagnostic thinking, finding the real root cause (particularly in DC coupled solid state output stages).

I've never lost through teaching or explaining.  I get to review and renew (and get to be expanded and corrected by JMF, Enzo, ...  ;) )

The sitrep is that the chemo stopped working and was making me very ill, so discontinued.  Secondary peas (2x 7mm) have appeared in the front and rear of my brain (oh no, not the brain), so now it's spot radiation daily for two weeks followed by brand new experimental immuno-therapy which hopes to unmask the cancer to my immune system.  The up side should be fewer side effects, the down side is that its effectiveness ranges from 100% to 0% depending on the patient.  Fingers crossed.

Still a bit weak and wobbly but no pain and in good spirits, and very grateful for all your good wishes and kind thoughts.
If you say theory and practice don't agree you haven't applied enough theory.