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January 30, 2023, 10:08:47 PM

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Can anyone identify this Amp?

Started by ozzu2000, November 14, 2012, 10:55:39 AM

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Found this on a 2nd hand shop, I have no idea what brand it is or if it is any good. I've searched online but didn't find anything :P

What I know:
- Labeled "Export" and "G 150" (there's a label missing on the bottom of the front grill
- It has reverb
- It has a Fane 100W guitar speaker

Does anyone know this amp?  :)



The brand is in fact called "Export". I had an "Export " mixer with the same coloring scheme and knobs. The pots and faders on that mixer were crap, and I eventually had to throw it out. I think the mixer was made in Portugal, so the amp is probably likewise. The amp could be a fine amp though. I have no idea.

J M Fahey

The knobs, jacks, graphics, covering, etc, *scream* "UK".
It looks all the way like an HH poor cousin, and the the expensive Fane speaker, if original, means it's at least decent quality.
Pots *always* get dirty and scratchy, that's what pot and switch cleaner was invented for.
And for €25 , it's a steal, even if only as an extension speaker .
What are you waiting for?
Although, as I said, have a can of contact cleaner/lube handy. Never hurts.
G150? .... probably means it's at least 60/80W RMS.
It certainly has a good enough speaker for that.


J M Fahey

Yes, I found more of their stuff.
They seem to work very well, just found a Rack PA power amp, chock full of Exicon MosFets.

And a HUGE Toroid

They seem to love HH, though :) .


25eur is $30 Australian and even "not going" would be a good bet.  It's second hand so it will need a clean up; pots, sockets, vac out any wildlife, but as JM says, it's a steal at that price if it's going.
If you say theory and practice don't agree you haven't applied enough theory.


Please report back on the amp if you get it. It looks like it has solid electronics.

The pots on my old mixer were really beyond repair. A large number of them were completely stuck, and malfunctioning, and I couldn't get access to clean them. My guess is that the mixer had been exposed to a very smokey environment, moisture and whatever, and I don't necessarily think that it was a problem with the build quality. It sounded allright on those channels that worked.

J M Fahey

Mmmmhhhh ....."smokey environement" ... beer/wine/sugared drinks (the worst) spills ?
Where was it used before ... in a .... CLUB ??  :lmao:
Yea, Club equipment gets the most abuse (the same way that Church equipment often looks like just pulled out of the box).
Unfortunately, I've had my fair share of sticky/rusty mixers .... not forgetting the one which actually got some puke on it .... the Sound guy's girlfriend had miscalculated her alcohol resistance.
Oh well.

That, besides the cockroach nurseries often found inside, or rat turds.
Spiderwebs are actually cute, compared to everything else.
Joys of servicing.  xP


The grill cloth, tolex, tilting back of the speaker in the cabinet, control nomenclature and position all remind me of early to late '80s Peavey combos.




Life is what you make it.
Still rockin' the Dean Markley K-20X

J M Fahey

HH was an old and very famous (in the UK) Solid State Guitar amp maker. :dbtu:
Never ever touched a tube, unlike all others.
Originally (in late 60's, go figure) they made SS power amps so good, that they were chosen by the BBC for Studio Monitoring, which over there is the same as being Knighted by the Queen.
In fact, they also received Queen's awards !!!
And of course, most other Recording Studios chose them too.
Then they started making Guitar, Bass and PA amplification.
Top of the line, with luminous front panels, excellent hardware, etc.
And the first MosFet 500W and 800W power amps.
But then the tide turned to tubes, cheap oriental stuff undercut their prices, and sales fell.
They were absorbed by Laney, which continued making their more successful products for many years.

They also made very advanced PA systems, from mixer to cabinets, and they made their own speakers too , including drivers and bullet tweeters

Some guys were boasting about their:

and because they were *so* well made, most continue working perfectly, 20 or more years later. This is a picture taken at an open air concert, in 2011.


Well, I wont be getting it, but just because I don't have the need for it.
A friend might go there though ;)


I would really, really love to get my hands on that speaker! I think this amp is worth buying just for the speaker.


ahh HH, i have one;an L100 guitar combo
the Rolls Royce of SS amps!
as used by Marc Bolan,America and countless other groups in the late 70's early 80's
brought out a stupid keyboard amp in the 80's (for ORGANS? oops...) it was such a flop it sank the company;who eventually sold the factory to Laney for producing their speaker cabs.
reliable,tough,and the sound from the clean channel could clear the wax out of your ears at 300m :duh
coutesy of a celestion G12H100 inside the open backed cab
currently residing in the Hackinblack rest home for unloved old tranny amps :-[ donations gratefully received


To reply to this post... I would like to say that the HH Speakers were used in the Laney Series Amps
I have a Laney GC60 A and a Laney GC60 C