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Started by TaegerD, October 24, 2006, 04:09:46 PM

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Does any one have advice about speakers?
I probably giong to build a 'noisy cricket' or a 'Ruby' amp, but what can i play it through?
I need something small for easy transport, so no 2x12's.
Can i get decent sound from a 5 or 6 inch speaker?

Is cheap always nasty?

Has anyone used or heard a flat speaker.  I've seen one for sale in the UK at this site:

but can they be used for a guitar?

Thanks for any advice.


Technically speaking, any speaker can be used for guitar.  I've actually found that (other than guitar speakers) cheap speakers sound better a lot of times than hi-fi speakers on a guitar amp.  I pulled apart a small portable radio to get a 2.5" speaker for my little gem.  If you are looking to buy a cheap speaker in the 5" range or so, I would check out

Maybe something like this:

Ideally you will want something that can produce tones below 70hz, and above 10,000hz.  If you want any sort of decent volume, you will want the best SPL rating possible.  Anything above 90db should be sufficient.
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